Emergency Dance Lessons

Emergency Dance Lessons

Need something arranged yesterday? This is the UK's premier service for last minute lessons. Contact us now for immediate action...we're already onto it!


From the UKs top wedding dance specialists. 5 x 45 mins individually tailored personal lessons preparing for your wedding dance. For confidence and polish in your first dance with an audience.


From the UKs top wedding dance specialists. 3 x 45 mins individually tailored personal lessons preparing for your wedding dance.

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What dance styles are available?

A range of dance styles are available, from a traditional Wedding Waltz, classic Ballroom, Salsa, Merengue, Swing, Tango, Rock 'n' Roll etc. The lessons are entirely individually tailored to your personal preferences and requirements. You choose the music you would like to dance to and we will teach you the appropriate dance.

Can we choose our own music?

Of course! If your choice of music is not a dance number, we will advise you on a range of alternative options. Please bring your choice of music on CD to your lessons. We will also provide technical instructions for your band to avoid any surprises on your important day!

Where do the lessons take place?

Lessons are available at a range of nearly 500 locations throughout the UK, and a variety of times, on a variety of days, including popular evening and weekend slots.

Can I book more lessons at a later date?

Yes, extra lessons are available if required, eg. if you want to learn more than one dance.

What does the package include?

  • EMERGENCY DANCE LESSONS 3 x 45 minute personal lessons (two lessons may be taken together)
  • EMERGENCY DANCE LESSONS GOLD UPGRADE 5 x 45 minute personal lessons
  • One personal coach to one couple
  • Preparatory planning covering:
    - When and how to come on to the floor
    - How to take up hold
    - How to stop the wedding gown ending up between the groom's knees during the dance !!!
    - How to make your dance look natural, comfortable, relaxed and confident, and stop your presentation
    looking too staged or over-orchestrated
    - When and how to end the dance
    - When and how to bring other guests on to the floor
    - How to manage a smooth transition from the wedding dance to the wedding party
    - How best to present the dancing for a video recording
    - How to 'pose' naturally for a dance picture

What happens if I have to cancel lessons?

In the event of cancellation or postponement, we regret we cannot credit your fees to a future lesson unless 72 hours clear notice is given to your teacher.

How do I book and pay for my lessons?

The Dance Matrix Emergency Dance Lessons and Emergency Dance Lessons Gold packages are payable upon booking. You can make a booking in the UK by calling 020 8991 1122. You may also contact us by filling in our online enquiry form.

Having booked, your local Dance Matrix location will contact you to arrange time slots convenient to you and your partner. We look forward to hearing from you!