Wedding Services

Make the most of your special day!

At The Dance Matrix we are proud to offer wedding services second to none, whether you want something traditional, or something a little different, we can help!

Please contact us with your requirements. We are waiting to help!


If the thought of taking to the floor to start the dancing at your wedding reception sends an icy tingle up your spine and the prospect of that special moment being recorded on video for posterity makes you weak at the knees, help is at hand. Take the weight of your mind and the pressure of your feet with a mini-crash course of Dance Matrix Emergency Dance Lessons to get you through the big day confidently and comfortably.


A dance exhibition or cabaret can add a surprise sparkle and provide an excellent and entertaining highlight for your guests. Exhibitions and cabarets are available in a wide variety of dance styles to suit any taste and complement any theme.


We can offer a range of dance and musical themes to realise your creative theme and turn your wedding reception into your wedding party.

Classic Elegance

Inspiringly, the very Best of Ballroom.

Latino Party

Tropical rhythms blend with hot Latino music for relaxed party fun.

Latin American

International Style Latin American at its best.


The haunting strains of the Bandoneon herald the passion of Tango.

Spirit Of Swing

Vividly capturing the nostalgia and spirit of the 1930's and 40's.

Western Bonanza

Foot stompin' honky tonkin' Country & Western Music for Dancing.

Rock 'n Roll

Classic grooves from the heyday of Rock 'n' Roll.

We regret we do not offer general Disco, House/Garage/Jungle or Chart Music facilities.


The Dance Matrix offers a choice of Bands or Groups specialising in music for Salsa, Merengue & Latino dancing, Swing, Country & Western and Ballroom & Latin dancing.